HKUST 30th Anniversary

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HKUST's Objective?

As the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) celebrates its 30th anniversary, the institution is marking this milestone with a series of powerful and inspiring videos. These videos emphasize HKUST's commitment to diversity, nurturing culture, and innovation by showcasing the stories of 30 unique individuals.

Client's Objectives:

Our client sought to create a video series to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Their primary objectives included:

  1. Showcasing alumni’s accomplishments
  2. Communicating the university’s commitment to innovation, diversity and creativity
  3. Generating buzz and excitement around the anniversary
  4. Targeting a diverse audience, including faculty members and prospective students

eucan productions behind the scenes shot from our shoot with HKUST
Interview shot at HKUST for Kimberley Cheung, an alumni who is now a professional fencer.

Our Approach

To achieve these objectives, we employed a strategic and collaborative approach throughout the entire production process:


  1. Concept Development: We worked closely with the client to brainstorm creative concepts, refining ideas that aligned with their core values and objectives. We developed a web-series focused on the three key careers that HKUST has helped foster; Creative, Techie and Professional.
  2. Scriptwriting: Our skilled writers crafted a list of compelling questions that effectively showcased the alumni and conveyed the university's nurturing spirit.
  3. Storyboarding and Shot Planning: Our team created detailed storyboards and planned shots, ensuring smooth and efficient production while maintaining the client's vision.


  1. Casting: We carefully selected and coordinated with a diverse group of alumni to represent the target audience and ensure relatability. A total of 30 alumni were casted from all over the world.
  2. Location Scouting: Our team identified visually stunning locations that complemented the alumni and supported the client's message.
  3. Filming: Our experienced crew utilized cutting-edge equipment and techniques to capture high-quality interviews and B-roll, adhering to a strict production schedule locally and overseas over 10 days.


  1. Editing: Our skilled editors meticulously assembled the footage, crafting a cohesive and engaging narrative that highlighted the university’s onjectives
  2. Visual Effects and Motion Graphics: Our talented VFX artists and motion graphics designers enhanced the video with striking visuals, emphasizing the university’s innovative nature.
  3. Sound Design and Music: Our audio engineers and composers worked on audio processing and soundtracks to reinforce the video's emotion and energy.


Through our streamlined workflow and collaborative approach, we successfully delivered a high-impact video series that achieved the client's objectives:

  1. The web series showcased the university's unique alumni, effectively communicating its values to the target audience.
  2. The client's commitment to innovation and diversity was highlighted through cutting-edge visuals and dynamic storytelling.
  3. The video generated significant buzz and excitement around the anniversary, resulting in over 150,000 cumulative views.

Watch the final video here:

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