Microsoft Surface

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The Objective

Microsoft HK approached EuCan Productions to produce a promotional video that will help them:

  • Increase number of professionals who adopt the Surface line of laptops
  • Showcase various use cases with the laptop, in various modes (i.e tablet, laptop)
  • Diverse cast to portray working professionals
  • Various venues to show different homes
  • Feature Microsoft Surface accessories

Audience was specifically MNCs and SMEs with employees who work from home.

The Production Process

For the concept, we took a twist on "WFH" and transformed it into "WFHK" (Work From Hong Kong) to appeal to the local market; making it more relatable yet memorable to those working from home, in Hong Kong. To bring this concept to life, our process included:

  • Casting diverse cast of 5 individuals, with specific styling and make-up to fit in with the "WFH" vibe
  • Securing two sets which can be filmed to look like 5 separate homes
  • Writing a script that was snappy and centred around "WFHK" - playing on the theme and asking the audience what WFH is; from "Work Faster Here" to "With Flexible Hinges", all building up to the "WFHK" reveal.
  • Two production days; one for the cast, one the products
  • Implemented holographic animations to illustrate features like face unlock and teams.

Watch the final video here:

Overall, the impact this promotional video has created includes increased customer conversion and brand awareness.

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